Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hello from Washington DC!!

I'm in our nation's capital Washington DC for the American Association of Orthodontics annual meeting.  What an inspiration to see all of the wonderful buildings of such a beautiful city.  The monuments you grew up seeing on television and studying about in school are just a glance away.  One gets an overwhelming sense of patriotism as well as a real respect for all that our forefathers went through in order to supply our current freedom.

The reason for my trip is to participate in the activities of the annual conference that our American Association of Orthodontics puts on each year.  Orthodontists from around the nation and the world come here to learn about the latest advances in orthodontic research.  We get a chance to see and get caught up with our colleagues from far and wide.  On the trip I had the pleasure of again seeing of my orthodontic friends from Tokyo, Japan.  We met many years ago at a study club meeting and have corresponded since.  We have even referred patients to each other who may have relocated to our respective cities.  The world is truly getting smaller every day!

I have added knowledge by attending lectures given by those in research and educational positions and by simply carrying on conversations with some of my respected practicing orthodontist friends.  Heck, I am even picking up some more exciting ideas we can use in our office to make the orthodontic experience more fun for those of you in treatment!  Last night I discussed what we can do to enhance our Facebook presence on the web.  Cool!

I will be returning to Kansas on Wednesday and back in the office on Thursday to see if some of the new ideas I have discovered can be put to use.  I look forward to seeing all of you soon and please take the opportunity to visit Washington DC whenever possible.  Parents don't wait until it is too late to take the kids to visit where our democracy all began.

Dr. H

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