Thursday, December 15, 2016

What is the reason and timing of deciduous tooth extractions?  An early panoramic radiograph is important to uncover developmental dental problems.  Determining if there are missing teeth allows us to direct them down the proper path for either future restoration or complete space closure.  This gives the child's parent relief that the prognosis for an excellent dental environment is great.  Parents never like to be surprised by the report of missing permanent teeth when their child is expecting eruption of those teeth.  Finding deviant eruption of permanent teeth early allows us to guide these tooth into the proper position thus lessening the amount of future orthodontic movement.  Impacting canines is what we probably see the most. 
Missing Permanent Teeth (Hypodontia/Oligodontia).  Third molars are the teeth found to be most commonly missing (about 23% of the population).  Second premolars are next followed by maxillary lateral incisors.  Keeping mandibular second deciduous molars presents an interesting situation since they tend to be much wider mesio-distally than the underlying premolars (average 1.7mm wider).

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