Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's new on the horizon at Hechler Orthodontics?

The old saying goes that is you don't keep moving ahead you get passed up by the crowd.  We feel nothing could be more true when it comes to orthodontic treatment!  In order to keep on top of new research and technology in orthodontic treatment we are constantly striving to add new techniques to your treatment.

We are currently evaluating new ceramic (clear) braces.  Our goal is to offer excellent tooth alignment with unmatched esthetics.  We would love for no one to know you are sporting braces during your treatment if that is your goal.  Just tell everyone we were your orthodontic office when you are finished as they won't know you had the "hardware" during your treatment.  The newest of these "invisible" braces require little or no elastic ties (since these can stain with coffee, tea, wine, and mustard).  In some instances these braces speed up your treatment while requiring you to have appointments that are further apart. 

I was involved in the development of one of the new "invisible" braces from Ormco Corporation who is the world's largest supplier of orthodontic products.  I think this will be a real "winner" for orthodontics around the world.  It is still hard to believe that machines can make such small, complicated devises that are expected to remain clear and weather the forces of eating while moving teeth!

In the next blog we'll go over the possibility of obtaining models of your teeth without impressions.  Wow, no more of that gushy stuff in your mouth as you begin orthodontic treatment!  Check back with us in a month!

Have a great summer!
Dr. H

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